Press Releases

Press releases

22. Jun. 2020

Ambitious climate agreement

The agreement is an important step towards a greener Denmark, states the chairman for the Climate Partnership for the financial sector in Denmark
9. Jun. 2020

Now It Is Easier for Foreigners to Get an Overview of Their Pensions in Denmark

The Danish pension system is one of the best in the world. Danish people have easy access to information that gives an overview of their pension savings and related insurances at PensionsInfo.dk. Now this information is available in English, enabling even more people to benefit from the consumer tool.
20. Oct. 2019

The Danish Pension System is one of the Best in the World

A new international survey has once again identified the Danish pension system to be one of the best in the world. This is according to the annual international pension analyses from Melbourne Mercer.
23. Sep. 2019

The Danish Pension Industry Announces Green Investments Worth Billions

NEW YORK: The Danish pension industry has in collaboration with the Danish government at an event prior to the UN Climate Action Summit announced plans for the pension industry to invest more than Euro 46 billion in green transition towards 2030. Investments will be in energy infrastructure and other green activities such as green stocks, green bonds and investments in energy efficient construction. The Danish pension industry already invests more than Euro 16 billion and investments for another Euro 4 billion are planned out. Given the new investments, a substantial increase in the level of investment in sustainable transition will take place.