Now It Is Easier for Foreigners to Get an Overview of Their Pensions in Denmark

9. Jun. 2020
The Danish pension system is one of the best in the world. Danish people have easy access to information that gives an overview of their pension savings and related insurances at PensionsInfo.dk. Now this information is available in English, enabling even more people to benefit from the consumer tool.

PensionsInfo.dk gives a good overview of your pension savings and related insurances, but as the information so far only has been available in Danish, it has not been not easy for everybody to use. PensionsInfo.dk has now been launched an English version, enabling more people living in Denmark and paying into a pension scheme to use the service.

- As the world becomes increasingly international and more people work and save across country borders, it is only natural that we offer PensionsInfo in English, so that more people can benefit from our service, says Karina Ransby, Assistant Director at Insurance & Pension Denmark, who runs PensionsInfo.dk.

PensionsInfo.dk gives an overview our owes pension savings and related insurances across companies and has become popular among Danes. More than 1.5 mil. Danes logged on PensionsInfo using their NemID (personal electronic log on system in Denmark) in 2019.

Service for foreigners
Almost 10 % of the workforce in Denmark consists of foreign citizens, many of whom do not speak Danish. That PensionsInfo now is released in an English version is meant as a service to this segment of the workforce.

 - PensionsInfo not only gives an overview of your total savings. It also shows which insurance products are attached to the pension scheme. We believe it is important that people who work in Denmark understand what services that have access to – even if they are not fluent in Danish, says Karina Ransby.

More people use PensionsInfo
Previously, people often logged onto PensionsInfo if they were about to take up a mortgage, as the service helps give the best possible overview of a person’s financial situation. Today, people increasingly log onto PensionsInfo for the sake of getting a total overview of their pension savings. In 2008, about 280,000 people logged onto PensionsInfo and since then, the number of users has only gone up. In 2019, PensionsInfo has more than 1.5 mil. individual users.

 - We see a trend that more and more people use online tools when making important decisions, e.g. regarding house mortgages. Naturally, consumers must have the best possible information available at their disposal. We want to help them understand their pension and insurance products and make their decisions on the basis of the best available information, says Karina Ransby.

About PensionsInfo
PensionsInfo was first launched more than 20 years ago. PensionsInfo is an organization and the outcome of cooperation between all Danish banks, pension and insurance companies, LifeinDenmark (LD and Udbetaling Danmark) and ATP.

PensionsInfo also cooperates with the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Employment, the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment and LifeinDenmark (Udbetaling Danmark).

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