Ambitious Climate Agreement

22. Jun. 2020
The agreement is an important step towards a greener Denmark, states the chairman for the Climate Partnership for the financial sector in Denmark

Energy islands, green technology and more renewable energy are a few of many initiatives included in a new agreement between the Danish government and a large majority of the Danish parliament.

The climate agreement is parallel to the recommendations given by the climate partnership for the financial sector to the government. In the latter, it is recommended to focus on a massive expansion renewable energy and electrification of a much larger part of the economy. On the energy islands, excess energy wind energy can be made into climate friendly power source (hydrogen or e-fuels) for trucks, ships and planes, which are difficult to electrify.

- We stand ready with the necessary capital to help these initiatives materialize. Our industry has for many years taken on a great number of green investments domestically and abroad. We applaud the new and more extensive ambitions, says Torben Möger Pedersen, chairman for the Danish climate partnership for the financial sector and managing director in PensionDanmark.

- Our industry has both the capital and the know-how concerning the new technologies which the parliament will lean on the future. Additionally, is makes sense to consider the climate investments and the economic recovery we are facing as a nation as two intertwined processes, explains Torben Möger Pedersen.

The Danish pension savings are worth more than 3.100 billion Danish kroner and the industry has already announced plans to invest more than 350 billion Danish kroner towards 2030 in the green transition in Denmark and abroad.

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