DFIM -Danish Motor Insurers’ Bureau

In Denmark, we have guarantee funds that help cover a number of uninsured claims.


If a citizen is injured in an accident caused by an unknown or uninsured motorized vehicle, speedboat, jet ski, dog or horse, one of the guarantee funds is activated. The guarantee funds function as a safety net and cover the injured person financially.


The guarantee funds are private, self-governing institutions that are responsible for paying compensation. The funds are financed through small fees added to statutory insurances. Thereby, it is the insured that end up paying for the damages caused by the uninsured. We believe this a reasonable solution to the problem caused by uninsured people.  


Since 29. January 2019, one of the guarantee funds, namely DFIM, has been administered according to a new law. Consequently, DFIM is now responsible for charging daily fees from those who do not have the statutory insurances for their motordriven vehicles.


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Thomas Brenøe

Deputy Director, cand. jur.
+45 41 91 90 02