Mission & Vision


To represent the industry’s interests



That the industry is perceived as a significant player that contributes constructively to creating security and resolving the challenges of the welfare society.


Goals 2020

The goals are divided into the following 2 categories:

Agenda goals relate to the two most pivotal long-term framework conditions which we are making an effort to improve but of which we are not in control.

Basic goals are short-term goals on which the Danish Insurance Association has a more direct influence.

Preconditions are necessary for the realization of the goals in 2020.


Agenda goals

Solutions to the challenges of the welfare society: We work to create good framework conditions, allowing our members to develop their cooperation with the public sector and thus to continually develop the industry’s services which supplement and add to the public service, following the demands of the citizens - e.g. in the fields of health and prevention.


Focus on growth and the investor role: We work to ensure that the industry’s ever growing role as investor and growth creator is recognized and that on this basis, we are actively included in the shaping of framework conditions and policies in the field of investment.


Basic goals

The World’s best consumer tools: We aim to always have the best, most valuable and reliable consumer tools and to further develop our high international standard.


From more to consumer relevant regulation: On both national and European levels, we work to ensure that the implemented regulation is always simple and long-term and that it balances the consideration for consumer protection with the costs.



Close contact with our members: Our members should always feel that their interests are being handled as competently as possible and that our service is high quality.


A high degree of professional competence is the foundation of clout: Our key stakeholders should view us as a factual, serious and valuable partner.


Network with stakeholders and players: We must be “top of mind” with our key stakeholders, who should perceive us as their natural partner who is always present and available.


Agenda setting communication: Our target groups must feel that we communicate clearly and that we set the agenda in the relevant areas. We aim to shift the perception of the industry from a mere supplier of products towards a position as a supplier of security.